People understand full well the value of a moisture free environment for health reasons and simple living conditions. To this end we are not surprised to see the growing interest for high quality dehumidifiers, capable of keeping any room moisture free. How can you pick out the right product for your home? Well, the answer will come easier once you go through some of the best dehumidifier reviews, written by specialists and satisfied customers. With a keen understanding on what makes a dehumidifier great, you will be able to select the model capable of delivering positive results on a daily basis. Here is our 5 Best Dehumidifier for Basement Reviews.

Best Dehumidifier for Basement

Best Dehumidifier for Basement – Comparison Table

Product Photo Pints/Day Price Dimensions Customer Rating Where to buy

Frigidaire FAD504DWD

Best Dehumidifier for Basement (2) 50 $$$ 12.3 x 17.3 x 25.5 inches A  



Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP

Best Dehumidifier for Basement 70 $$$ 12.2 x 15.3 x 23.5 inches A++  



Keystone KSTAD70B

Best Dehumidifier for Basement 70 $$$ 11.2 x 15.5 x 23.2 inches A+  



Soleus Air DP1-30E-03

Best Dehumidifier for Basement 30 $$$ 19.5 x 13.4 x 10.2 inches A  



Oasis D-165-HG GST

Best Dehumidifier for Basement 30 $$$ 15 x 15 x 24 inches A++  


Our Best Dehumidifier for Basement Reviews:

Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star 50-pint dehumidifier Review:

Best Dehumidifier for Basement (2)One of the most vulnerable places around the house to moisture is the basement. More and more Americans are struggling to reduce the moisture levels in their basement in order to protect better their items. What are the best dehumidifier for basement? According to recent statistics it seems that Frigidaire FAD504DWD Energy Star dehumidifier represents a great addition to any home. You will be able to protect any location from the appearance and spread of mildew or mold, due to excess moisture. This powerful dehumidifier will significantly reduce the appearance of bacteria in the air which may prevent you from breathing normally.

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Danby Premiere DDR70A1GP 70 pint dehumidifier  Review:

Best Dehumidifier for BasementThere are thousands of Americans that want to install in their homes a professional dehumidifier, designed to fully reduce the moisture levels. What are the best dehumidifier for basement? Well, you have the possibility to use with confidence DDR70A1GP premiere model from Danby Products Inc., a model with a 70 energy star certificate. This advanced dehumidifier can cover with ease around 3800 square feet, more than enough to keep the respective areas without high moisture levels. The device includes a direct drain option that maintains a continuous operation system. Furthermore the dehumidifier comes with electronic controls, for a precise management.

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Keystone energy Star KSTAD70B dehumidifier  Review:

Best Dehumidifier for BasementShopping for a good quality dehumidifier can prove to be more than difficult, given the multiple options available on the market. According to recent user testimonials, you have the possibility to use one of the best dehumidifiers in this year from Keystone: KSTAD70B. This high quality model comes with a solid Energy Star certificate, which means you will pay less at the end of the month, when the electric bill comes. The device can remove with ease by up to 70 pints of moisture from the air whenever it is on. This advanced dehumidifier comes with 1.3 gallon water-tank with a precise transparent water level indicator.

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Soleus Air DP1-30E-03 30 pint dehumidifier  Review:

Best Dehumidifier for BasementEvery room of the house requires attentive maintenance and care from your part. To this end, investing in a professional dehumidifier represents a smart move towards the general “wellbeing” of your home. What is the best dehumidifier for basement? According to the present statistics it seems that more and more people are using with confidence DP1-30E-03 model from Soleus Air. This advanced dehumidifier can remove with precision around to 30 pints of moisture from the air every 24 hours, with no limitations whatsoever. It also includes a reliable digital humidistat while during continuous mode, thus ensuring that the moisture levels remains low.

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Oasis D-165-HG GST commercial grade dehumidifier  Review:

Best Dehumidifier for BasementThere are more and more people interested in discovering the best dehumidifier from the many products available on the market. Well, in the present you have the possibility to choose Oasis D-165-HG GST commercial grade dehumidifier, a model capable of removing by up to 40 pints during 24 hours of continuous work. This high quality dehumidifier includes an adjustable and dial-controlled humidistat that turns the unit off or on at various pre-selected moisture levels. You have complete control over the moisture levels located in the room you install the dehumidifier. It’s good to know that the model is impact and stain resistant.

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Choosing a Best Dehumidifier for Basement:

Most dehumidifiers are purchased for the basement. But not all dehumidifiers can be operated in the basement. You need to purchase a dehumidifier with the special features required for effective basement operation. Our dehumidifier reviews will tell you if the dehumidifier has these features.

First of all, a basement is generally the coolest area in your home. This means that it is more likely to have temperatures that fall below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This places your basement within the temperature range that usually will require an auto defrost feature on your dehumidifier. Above, I mentioned that you will pay more for this feature and that you should only get it if you need it; you will probably need it if you are looking to dehumidify your basement.

Basement dehumidifiers are also, as a rule, louder than other dehumidifiers. You do not usually worry about the noise in the basement, especially if you do not use your basement for many activities. The auto defrost feature mentioned above works by blowing hot air across the coils to keep them from freezing. The fan that blows the hot air makes noise that is not heard in dehumidifiers not having auto defrost features. This fan is the source of the excess noise.

Basements are larger than any single room above ground. Therefore, basement dehumidifiers have to have a larger capacity than a single room dehumidifier. Basements tend to be wetter thanks to your local water table and the cooler conditions. You will require a larger capacity dehumidifier to adequately handle your basement.

Energy Star ratings are especially important when it comes to basement dehumidifiers. The larger area, higher moisture and auto defrost fan require more energy to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Consequently, you want to have a dehumidifier that is as energy efficient as possible. The Energy Star ratings help you compare dehumidifiers based upon energy efficiency. When choosing between dehumidifiers that have similar capacities, remember that the price of the dehumidifier also includes the cost of running it over its lifespan. What may be inexpensive to purchase may be costly to run.

A basement dehumidifier should have a pump that auto drains. You will not remember to empty the reservoir as often as you will need to. It is much better to have the basement dehumidifier pump the water through a hose directly into a drain. Not all auto drain dehumidifiers have a pump. Some only have a drain hole. Without a pump, you will have to place the dehumidifier at a higher level than the floor drain and let gravity do the work of the pump. Depending on your basement, this may be okay. If you store things in the basement, make sure that the water from a non-pump enabled dehumidifier will not let water reach your belongings.