Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier Review

For all those who cannot bear the humidity that prevails during the hot seasons and are looking for a good and affordable humidifier to ease out their summer problem, the Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier is just what you need to buy this season to meet all your mood, pocket and weather needs.

The Frigidaire is a 30-pint dehumidifier which means that it dehumidifies what it actually promises. Some dehumidifiers take up more than the amount needed which might be very good to hear but not too good on the health. Hence Frigidaire is an ideal candidate for extracting only what is needed.

Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier

This is the best dehumidifier that you could enjoy for your home since it has been specifically designed for the very same reason. It has been designed to protect the environment alongside which is why it protects your home’s environment exceptionally well and guards it from not-needed moisture and its different levels. This way your home remains protected from molds and such other things like mildew that is mostly formed due to inappropriate moisture levels.

In addition to providing protection from molds and such stuff, the dehumidifier also finishes off any bacteria that might be present in your home due to the air that moves in. This model eliminates bacteria as well which is why it can reduce problems that might occur in breathing. Since the bacteria are killed and properly balanced levels of moisture are maintained, this helps in effective breathing.

What makes this Frigidaire stand out is its quality that it doesn’t make noise like others of its class. It is very quiet while working and remains easy to use as well.

The different controls available for balancing the humidity levels are also present in this dehumidifier and one can control exactly the amount that they choose to have in relation to the humidity levels for themselves through this option.

While working, one doesn’t even need to check then and again the tank for emptying it because the tank has auto alert system which notifies you as soon as it full with the water that it has extracted from the air containing humidity. There is an automatic shut-off option that shuts the operation as soon as it is full so that you can no longer continue to use it and it doesn’t overflow with the water in it. Hence no efforts are needed to manage and check the water tank for levels and such related stuff.

As the name indicates, this dehumidifier has been approved by Energy Star to provide great satisfaction and functionality that any appliance should and any appliance can over time.

Features of Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier:


With just the right amount or you could say the perfect intermediate amount needed for dehumidifying the environment, the 30-pint number is truly ideal to maintain the most balanced temperature required for ideal breathing and related activities with comfort and ease. It does not dry out the air too unnecessarily and maintains the level just right as needed.

Some people might have a lot of problems during the winter, but they can use the Frigidaire to get rid of bad smells and feel fresher and lighter instantly. This helps the room look crisper and neat as well and no one would be sweating during the summer season too.

Size and Portability

This dehumidifier’s size is made ideally portable to suit one’s home needs. This is why the model comes with a unit that has no extension cords because it is already very portable to be taken and kept anywhere it is needed to do its part. It only weighs 37 pounds and can be carried very easily along.
It has dimensions of 25.5 inches’ x 12.32 inches’ x 17.31 inches (Height, Depth and Width) which are the perfect combination of size and weight to remain portable as well as effective at the same time.

Humidity Levels

With its completely electrical controls and 2 fan speeds, it can cool 4.8 Amperes per 530 watts. This model is equipped with the latest technology (anti-bacterial mesh filter, bucket full indication and digital humidity readout options) that helps to attain such levels that are even better than the previous models.
According to the model’s Energy Star certification, the difference between this and other previous models is that this one has achieved very high rating with lesser energy being used. This means it uses only 530 watts as compared to 615 watts (previous model) and achieves 254 watt hours per pint of water that is dehumidifies from the environment.


It has very solid and durable build which has been reviewed very efficiently whereas the Spacewise portable design has integrated sides as well as a top handle too. This greatly helps in carrying it along with greater ease and comfort so you can carry it from top as well as sides too. The small portable wheels that cater to it greatly also make it very easily to go about every place and room in your home
It is made in such a way that continuous operation is also possible whenever it is close to a drain with automatic features and pumping options that can pull out a 16.3-pint tank through the provided handle and splash guard humidity controls.


This is the most distinguished feature, in fact the unique selling point for the product. It does not make any noise at all during its operation and works very smoothly and swiftly.


It has many of the following effective features

  • 2 fans system
  • Ideal moisture extraction through 60-pint capacity
  • Long 6 feet three prong power cord with no extra cords needed
  • Easy continuous operation features with automatic shut off options
  • Low temperature ensures energy and time saving

Reasons to Buy Frigidaire 30 Pint Dehumidifier:

It is great for all those who want to clarify their home from bacteria, molds, etc.

It is the best compact as well as effective solution

It has great value with all the auto features and effort less tank, digital humidity readings, electronic controls as well.

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